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Kittur is GeekWire Podcast Guest


Niki Kittur

AI, the brain, and the crowd: Research explores new ways for humans and tech to work together

Todd Bishop, co-founder of GeekWire, recently interviewed HCII Professor Aniket (Niki) Kittur for the GeekWire Podcast. They talked about Kittur's research, which focuses on new methods of augmenting human intellect using crowds and computation.  

A few of the other subjects the pair covered include: making sense of overwhelming amounts of information (sensemaking), studying crowdsourcing movements, using AI to inspire creativity, and using characteristics of large language models (LLMs) to help humans with goals.    

Listen to the episode of the GeekWire Podcast on their site, or in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

From GeekWire: 
"This week on the GeekWire Podcast, we explore the frontier of crowd-augmented cognition, the concept of humans working together with the help of technology, including new ways that artificial intelligence is changing the field.

We also talk about a related project that Kittur and his colleagues developed called Skeema, a browser tab manager that helped users organize their work, projects, and ultimately their brains in the process."


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