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Robots as ‘Companion Species’? Designing for Disability and the Mixed Spaces of Human-Robot Interactions

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Mark Paterson
Visiting Lecturer, University of Pittsburgh


NSH 1305

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Speaker's Bio

Mark Paterson is the author of Consumption and Everyday Life, The Senses of Touch: Haptics, Affects and Technologies, and Seeing with the Hands: Blindness, Vision and Touch After Descartes which looks at the Early Modern legacy of philosophical debates concerning vision and touch, and what this means for historical and contemporary understandings of blindness and vision impairment. He has published articles in literature and social science journals on touch and haptics, and has worked on funded projects in the areas of robot skin, the historical geography of the so-called ‘Blind Traveller’ James Holman, R.N., and the haptic modelling of prehistoric textiles in museum contexts. He is currently working on his next book project How We Became Sensory-Motor: A History of the Muscle Sense for Pennsylvania State University Press.

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