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HCII Seminar Series - Carol J. Smith

Carol Smith headshot

Carol J. Smith
Sr. Research Scientist, Human-Machine Interaction in the AI Division, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University


1305 Newell-Simon Hall

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"UXR for Responsible, Human-Centered AI"

AI-enabled systems that are responsible and human-centered, will be powerful partners to humans in the very near future. User experience research (UXR) is necessary to create systems that people are willing to be responsible for. This talk describes the UXR skills and methods that are needed for proper data identification and preparation, bias identification, prevention of harm, human-machine interaction design and prototyping, and the critical oversight activities needed for dynamic AI systems to continue to be effective.

These UXR skills and methods support creation of AI-enabled systems that responsibly augment human abilities. AI-enabled systems that provide appropriate evidence of system capabilities and integrity will support calibrated trust (an individual’s balanced view of the risks and rewards of collaboration), and UXR informs what is appropriate in each context, how the AI system will augment the experience, and how the dynamic nature of the experience will be managed. This talk will introduce each of these complex topics and provide references for further exploration of these challenging issues. 

Speaker's Bio

Carol J. Smith leads research on responsible artificial intelligence (RAI) and human-machine teaming for the CMU Software Engineering Institute in the AI Division, where she is a Senior Research Scientist. Carol is also an Adjunct Instructor for the CMU HCII teaching graduate and undergraduate courses. Carol has been leading UX research to improve human experiences across industries for over 20 years and improving AI systems since 2015. She is the Information Architecture Conference (IAC) 2023 Co-Chair, volunteers for UXPA and IEEE, and is an ACM Distinguished Speaker. Carol earned her M.S. in HCI from DePaul University, and she lives with her family in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

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