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HCII Seminar Series - Chris Laffra

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Chris Laffra

Chris Laffra
founder of PySheets


3305 Newell-Simon Hall

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"Creativity, Productivity and Communication"

Before AI showed up, software engineers spent only 20-30 percent of their time coding, with the remaining time dedicated to discussing their code. With the AI revolution, stakeholders expect that ratio to decrease even more. Therefore, developers will be increasingly expected to excel in communication, writing, presenting, articulating a technical vision, resolving conflicts, and collaboration.  Regarding developer productivity, it's crucial to remember that the ultimate goal is not to produce code but instead deliver outcomes that delight our customers. This shift in perspective from "output" to "outcome" means we must hone our communication skills and foster creativity, as these tools will help us build products that truly satisfy our customers.  Investing in your personal growth and developing skills beyond coding allows you to gain more recognition, unlock numerous opportunities, and effectively advocate for your ideas. By attending this talk, you can gain valuable insights and practical tips on fostering better collaboration, practicing active listening, and building meaningful relationships with stakeholders and colleagues, all of which will enhance your professional development.  In this talk, Chris will explore creativity, productivity, and communication. If you are an engineer or work with engineers, you will find this talk valuable and entertaining.

Speaker's Bio

Chris Laffra has been a staff+ engineer at Uber, Google, IBM, and JPM. He is the author of the C4E book and is currently developing a product,, to innovate in the Python Data Analytics space.

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