-MHCI Alumni

Aditya Sharma



Ask me about: Food, Movies.

If he did not have to worry about money, he would have been a movie critic, he’d sleep all day and watch movies for the time that he wasn’t sleeping, he wouldn’t travel, or work, or bother myself with other useless crap. Sleep it is. Recently clocked how much time he spent on facebook and realized he’d been spending 43 hours a week, that’s a little more time than what most people spend working per week, who would know the value of HCI better than someone who spends 18 hours a day in front of a computer. Loves to talk and can extensively talk on almost anything.

If he could meet anyone dead or alive or fictional, he’d like to meet “Goku”.

Fun fact about myself, Did not have a middle name until he was 16, has one now because an astrologer said, it’d make him more stable. How that’s worked out? Epic Fail. :).