-MHCI Alumni

Ana Menezes



Hi everyone my name is Ana Menezes, I’m from Brazil, from a city called Fortaleza. I have a background in Computer Science, I’ve graduated in 2005 and since then I’ve been working as a system analyst for the Brazilian government. I worked with web applications in general, but mostly Java. Having to design systems with really bad interfaces got me frustrated, and made me decide I want to develop better and more useful solutions. Most importantly, I realized I wanted to work with users and understand their needs. Apart from CS stuff, I am passionate about traveling and culture, and this is my third time living abroad. I’m also addicted to movies, dance and cooking.

If I didn’t have to worry about money I would… live in a different country every 6 months.

If I could meet anyone alive, dead, or fictional… I would love to meet Lula, my president.

Wacky fact about yourself (rephrase)… A wacky fact about myself is that I am always forgetting everything, leaving things behind and being generally clumsy

One thing you can’t live without… I can’t live without friends and people to laugh with.

One Superpower you would want… time/space manipulation, definitely.