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Denzil Ferreira

MHCI Alumni

Class of 2010

I’m passionate about technology. I am a Computer Scientist, a Software Engineer and an Usability Expert. I started by fixing problems while graduating, but soon realized that those problems could have been avoided. Software Engineering taught me Design Patterns, Software Architectures, Data Structures and Algorithms. Everything indicated that software problems were now gone. Well, not quite. The problem comes when that software has to be used by a real person. They are the inconsistent part of the software. Hence, learning about the user and how to study their interaction with software and computers was the way to go.

I joined the program Human-Computer Interaction and I’ve started learning about human behavior, evaluation techniques and usability testing. Indeed, user experience is crucial to the success of a product, either software or hardware.

For the future, I want to keep learning, so I’ll either join a research group or continue with a PhD in HCI. The world is unknown territory to explore and it changes every day, so there is always something to learn out there.