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Mahboobeh Mehrvarz

Post Doctoral Fellow


Mahboobeh Mehrvarz


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Newell-Simon Hall 2602J


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Mahboobeh Mehrvarz completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in Educational Technology at Allameh Tabataba'i University in Iran. She subsequently pursued her academic pursuits and successfully obtained a doctoral degree in Educational Administration from Shiraz University. Throughout her academic journey, she has consistently been acknowledged as one of the highest-achieving and exceptionally gifted students.

In addition to her studies, Mahboobeh actively served as a teaching assistant at Iranian universities, demonstrating her expertise in teaching diverse educational technology courses. Her scholarly pursuits center around the domain of educational technology and technology-enhanced learning, with a specific emphasis on Learning Technologies, Educational Games, and Artificial Intelligence in Education. Presently, she is actively involved as a postdoctoral researcher at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), working under the guidance of Professor Bruce M. McLaren in McLaren Lab. Alongside her research responsibilities, she also plays an active role as a reviewer for several esteemed journals within this specialized field. She has also actively engaged in numerous courses, workshops, and seminars pertaining to educational technology, including:

International Project

Stanford University, USA, 2014 4

  • “Constructive Classroom Conversations: Mastering Language for the Common Core State Standards” (an online course)
  • “Collaboration in the virtual classroom 2019 (online collaboration and face-to-face workshop)”  The aim of the course was to facilitate the participant's practical experience in collaborative work and international groups and the common development of intercultural awareness. This project was carried out for 3 months (2 months online and from within the country and 1 month in person at the University of Dresden, Germany).
  • The 14th education and technology summer school 2021 in Dresden (an online course). This project was done for 60 hours and in 3 months. Presenting at the conference of the 14th education and technology summer school 2021 in Dresden. Video Poster Presentation: Exploring Academics´ Perspectives on Intercultural Competencies Development for Facilitating Students’ Virtual Mobility. Available at:…


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  • Presenting at the conference of 14th education and technology summer school 2021 in Dresden. Available at:…
  • Video Poster Presentation: Exploring Academics´ Perspectives on Intercultural Competencies Development for Facilitating Students´Virtual Mobility
  • Mehrvarz, M., Salimi, G., Mohammadi, M., Shafiei Sarvestani, M., & Hatami, J. (2019). Identification of effective strategies in facilitating virtual mobility. Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences, 10(2), 14-22.
  • Salimi, G., Mohamaddi, M., Mehrvarz, M., & Hashemi, K. (2019). The role of technology acceptance in predicting knowledge sharing among students of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. Strides in Development of Medical Education, 15(1)."