-MHCI Alumni

Nicholas Ferrara



Nicholas graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in Information Sciences and a related area of Business. He is currently working fulltime at PPG Industries while attending school part time. At PPG Nick works on the Remote Access team which is responsible for things such as VPNs and mobile devices. Nick became interested in HCI when he took a class on the subject during his undergrad studies at Pitt. After taking the class he realized that HCI is something that is really missing in a lot of products and applications that are on the market today. By obtaining a masters in HCI Nick hopes to bridge the gap between end users and technology because there is no use in having software that can do amazing things if people do not understand how to use it. In his spare time, Nick likes to go to the gym, ride his mountain bike, hang out with friends, and of course watch the Steelers since he is a native Pittsburgher! Nick plans on graduating from the program in the summer of 2009.