We are Team Axon and we are working with Cisco Systems, Inc. to imagine the future of mobile collaboration in the workplace. Our name, "Axon," comes from the neural fiber that transmits information to other neurons throughout the human body. The term’s association with people and connectivity seemed particularly appropriate for our team name due to the fact that we are working with Cisco toward the goal of connecting people together, apart. We are a team of interdisciplinary Master of Human-Computer Interaction students at the CMU HCII, completing the capstone of our program. Working closely with each other we have experienced, first-hand, the pains, the joys and the epiphanies of face-to-face team collaboration. It is our mission to bring the magic of face-to-face communication to the digital realm with this project. Our mission is to enable people to interact with one another as naturally with technology as they do in person.

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