Taming The Terabytes - Addressing Research Data Management Problem at Princeton University

Do you have data that is messy? Like your desktop or your camera roll? Researchers at Princeton University grapple with 100 times more data, striving to make sense of it, only to face the same problem: their data is a mess! Effective research data management (RDM) is crucial to overcoming this chaos, providing a structured approach to handle, store, share, and preserve data throughout its lifecycle. Good RDM practices not only enhance data organization and protection but also facilitate accessibility and usability for future research, promoting collaboration and ensuring regulatory compliance.

We found that the lack of standardized RDM practices has led to significant challenges at Princeton University. Researchers operate in silos, employing diverse tools and workflows that impede effective collaboration and knowledge sharing. We aim to tackle these issues head-on by integrating open science principles and adhering to the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) guidelines. By promoting standardized data organization practices, enhancing data storage solutions, and developing a user-friendly interface, we seek to dismantle the barriers to efficient data management, fostering a more collaborative and innovative research environment at Princeton.

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