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Yildirim Selected as AI Rising Star


an AI Design Kit visual illustrating the example of biometric security. Detection possibilities, actions, inferences and data capabilities vary across the 4 capability levels

HCI Institute doctoral candidate Nur Yildirim was invited to present a lightning talk at the 2023 AI Symposium at the University of Michigan, which had a theme of “Responsible AI.”

The Michigan AI Symposium is a gathering for academic and industry participants who are interested in the foundations or real-life applications of artificial intelligence (AI). As a human-AI interaction designer and researcher, Yildirim was one of the six students who were named an AI Rising Star.

In the talk, “Discovering the Right Things to Design with Artificial Intelligence,” Yildirim highlighted the vital role human-computer interaction research has in finding use cases where humans can benefit and thrive with AI.

Today, the majority of AI projects fail in the early stages because innovation teams focus on high-risk applications that might or might not provide value for users and services. Advised by John Zimmerman and James McCann, Yildirim’s doctoral dissertation introduces a new innovation process to help teams more fully explore AI’s problem-opportunity space to identify low-risk and high-value AI use cases.

Yildirim created the AI Brainstorming Kit – a resource available for those in the early phases of AI product development. The kit introduces teams to AI’s capabilities and limitations in order to help them to focus on AI applications that are both buildable and desirable.

“Among the six people who were named AI rising stars, I was the only Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher, bringing a socio-technical perspective to AI development,” said Yildirim. “I am happy to see HCI research being recognized as vital to fundamental AI research to successfully transition these technologies into everyday life. As AI capabilities become readily available and commoditized, critical questions arise: ‘What should we build with AI? How do we effectively identify use cases?’ This is a place where design innovation can help.”

The AI Brainstorming Kit, as well as an associated research paper from ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2023 “Creating Design Resources to Scaffold the Ideation of AI Concepts,” are available at:

The AI Symposium is organized by the Michigan AI Lab.


A recording of Yildirim's presentation "Discovering the right things to design with artificial intelligence" is available below: 

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