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Rotem Guttman

PhD Students

Photo of Rotem Guttman

My passion is creating novel, immersive, educational experiences that focus on bringing high demand skills such as cybersecurity and AI engineering to traditionally underrepresented communities. Over the past decade I have had the privilege of creating a wide variety of these educational experiences; I’ve created fictional islands to teach cyber forensics, designed board games to teach cybersecurity to school children, and even challenged our nation’s most elite cyber practitioners to protect the earth from an alien invasion. My dream is to have an impact on cybersecurity and AI education nationwide - my current research interests are focused on this project. 

My prior work has been focused on the areas of: Network Security, Cyber-Physical System Simulations, Training and Education Techniques (including Ludological Techniques), Human / AI Interaction, Deepfake Generation, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.