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MHCI Capstone Projects

  • 5 team members stand in front of the MHCI green wall


    The A-Team explored how they might improve members’ financial health literacy and understanding of the health insurance system....

  • Project


    This team continues our multi-year project with Zazzle to explore the broad space of creativity....

  • Project

    Pittsburgh International Airport

    This team investigated how to improve the airport waiting experience by exploring how additional transparency, control, and efficiency in the security lin...

  • 5 MHCI students and their Oasis project sponsors during their kickoff meeting

    Oasis Recovery Center

    Partnering with the Oasis Recovery Center and the startup Biomotivate, this MHCI team designed a solution to empower people in their recovery journey by m...

  • 4 members from Nationwide team gather in front of wall of post its while discussing research


    Differing expectations about aging in place can create tensions between aging adults and their adult children. This team designed a solution to facilitate...

  • 5 students on the NASA team visited Houston and stand in front of space craft


    This team worked with UX designers at NASA Ames Research Center to investigate how to situate diagnostic tools in a workflow to support crew members in th...

  • Gov AI + MHCI team members stand side by side in front of a white board with many insights

    Gov AI

    Team Gov AI researched how technologies, such as conversational design, can bridge the gap with government policy to improve the process of applying for g...

  • the 5 team members stand side by side, some with arms around each other


    By combining user needs with innovative design, this capstone team is working on reducing the complexity of Bloomberg's machine learning workflow manageme...

  • Polaroid photo of the 5 students on this team

    Amazon Music

    What might the future of listening to music look like? How might we utilize new devices and emerging technologies to create products and services which el...

  • Project


    How could the capstone sponsor, Liquidnet, better understand the state of their users? After conducting research about the Liquidnet 5 product and its use...

  • The 5 students of the Talk team stand side by side at the MHCI farewell party

    Talk, the New Sex Ed

    Demand for the Pittsburgh-based program Talk: The New Sex Ed has outpaced the organization's ability to provide it, so this capstone team was tasked with ...

  • Team members are huddled together and face a wall covered in wireframes. There is a large affinity diagram on the far wall behind them.

    PNC Bank Corporate & Institutional Banking

    How could the client improve the online banking experience for their commercial banking customers? The team applied a variety of human-centered design met...

  • 5 team members in black suits stand side by side in front of the MHCI green wall

    Nemacolin Woodlands

    The team created an interactive Trip Planner to save guests time and simplify their booking experience at the five star Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Using ...

  • 6 students on team Zazzle sit on the floor below their giant affinity diagram


    How can we help users unleash their creativity? Team Zazzle explored new and innovative ways to connect different members of the Zazzle community -- both ...

  • 5 members of team NASA stand side by side outdoors in front of a rocket


    How do we help systems engineers know when they're "done" with a stage of designing a rocket and, more specifically, understand the complex information r...

  • the 5 team members of the MedRespond team stand side by side in front of the MHCI green wall


    How might we envision a preferred future for conversational patient & caregiver engagement that addresses the medical, behavioral, and emotional dimen...

  • collage of design mockups from team knowledge accelerator

    Knowledge Accelerator

    The challenge: find a target user group that has a need to make sense of vast and ambiguous information online, and design a tool based on Fuse's technolo...

  • 5 MHCI students on Team Crypta

    CMU Coin

    Team Crypta was asked to design and develop a CMU Coin experience that utilizes up-to-date blockchain technology by discovering new markets and presenting...

  • 5 students on team Boulder Crest stand in the center of an outdoor labrynth

    Boulder Crest

    Boulder Crest is a nonprofit organization that offers retreats for veterans, active duty service members, first responders, and their families. This MHCI ...

  • 5 students of the 2019 AEO team in front of the infamous MHCI green wall

    American Eagle Outfitters

    How might we help teenagers find a style that makes them feel confident in their social identity? Welcome to the Find My Style experience, a service that ...