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  • 5 from HCII receive MSR AI & Society Fellowships

    Five Named Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows


    Five researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute – Hong Shen, Wesley Hanwen Deng, Motahhare Eslami, Ken Holstein, and Jason Hong – have been named 2024 Microsoft Resear...

  • an AI Design Kit visual illustrating the example of biometric security. Detection possibilities, actions, inferences and data capabilities vary across the 4 capability levels

    Yildirim Selected as AI Rising Star


    HCI Institute doctoral candidate Nur Yildirim was invited to present a lightning talk at the 2023 AI Symposium at the University of Michigan, which had a theme of “Responsible AI.”...

  • A new study from researchers in the HCII and at Cornell University shows that robots that hoard resources can still improve the overall welfare of human groups. (Image created by Pixlr, a generative AI program.)

    Less Is More: 'Stingy' Bots That Hoard Resources Can Still Boost Human Relationships


    A recent study from Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University researchers unveiled how artificial intelligence impacts human welfare in social networks. ...

  • A team of HCII researchers received a $3 million NSF grant to create engaging, inquiry-based science learning opportunities for young children in the classroom. The project builds on the NoRILLA intelligent science exhibits the team created in collaboration with museums and science centers across the country.

    HCII Researchers Receive $3M NSF Grant to Expand AI-Powered Intelligent Science Stations in Schools


    A team of researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) in Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science received a $3 million grant from the National Sc...

  • a full image of a parrot above 8 small squares, each containing a small portion of image. Text reads "Select 4 of the most representative visualizations of the parrot for hints"

    Eye into AI


    Recent developments in explainable AI (XAI) aim to improve the transparency of black-box models. How...

  • SCS researchers worked with Black girls to better understand their ideas about AI. As part of the research, the girls designed humanoid AI-powered robots, which displayed hairstyles similar to the learners’ — a robot representation not often shown in popular media.

    AI Should Be Kind and Fair, Young Black Girls Tell CMU Researchers


    When asked about future uses for artificial intelligence, a group of fifth- and sixth-grade Black students attending a summer camp at Carnegie Mellon University had some unique ideas...

  • A team of HCII researchers will use a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to develop and test a smartphone-based tutoring system for middle school mathematics that's rooted in AI.

    HCII Researchers Awarded $2M Grant To Test AI-Based Mobile Tutoring Software


    Homework can be extra difficult for middle school students facing limited access to technology, lack of parental support or other factors that could hinder their learning....

  • NoRILLA, an HCII project that uses AI to assist children in hands-on educational experiments, was selected for an exhibit at CaixaForum Valencia, a new museum in Spain.

    AI-Powered Museum Exhibit Shows Technology's Potential in Education


    A project from the School of Computer Science's Human-Computer Interaction Institute that uses artificial intelligence to assist children in hands-on educational experiments is one o...

  • color icons representing the design of interactive training interfaces, models, and organizations

    Studying and designing for human-AI collaborative work in real-world contexts


    Across a range of real-world contexts, we are studying how AI is currently being designed and used to augment or transform worker practices. M...

  • 3 people participating in a workshop for gig workers and policymakers

    Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy


    The gig economy is characterized by short-term contract work performed by independent workers who are paid in return for the "gigs" they perfo...

  • This figure provides a high-level overview of the child maltreatment screening process at Allegheny County, illustrating when an ADS assists call screeners’ and supervisors’ screening decisions.

    Advancing Fairness in AI with Human-Algorithm Collaborations


    Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly used to assist humans in making high-stakes decisions, such as online information curati...

  • 12 cards of various solid colors lay slightly overlapping on a black background

    Incorporating and Balancing Stakeholder Values in Algorithm Design


    This project will create a general method for value-sensitive algorithm design and develop tools and techniques to help incorporate the tacit ...