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  • A photo of the Snackbot robot.

    Snackbot Featured in the Harvard Business Review

    The Harvard Business Review's June cover story, "When Your Boss Wears Metal Pants," investigates the social constraints that have to be ov...

  • EDigs logo

    EDigs Helps Apartment Hunters Find the Perfect Rental

    A new online resource from Carnegie Mellon University researchers seeks to help people find the perfect rental property by using tools suc...

  • MHCI Logo

    Shopping for Grad Programs? Try HCI.

    The HCII introduced its master of human-computer interaction degree in 1994 — the first degree of its kind at any institution. Now, more t...

  • A plus doll with an iPhone head that uses the Acoustruments technology to make it interactive.

    CHI Research Makes Waves in the Media

      HCII research presented last month at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (...

  • James Pierce

    CHI2015: Pierce and Colleagues Offer Critical Take on "Critical Design"

    To the casual reader, the fact that the term "critical design" is slipping into the HCI vernacular might not seem like a big deal. But HCI...

  • This image shows the Earth Shake game screen on the top, and children playing the game on the bottom.

    CHI2015: Learning in the Real World Tops Learning From a Tablet

    You see it in headlines with more and more frequency: "Local School Provides Tablets for All Students." But though screen technologies are...

  • MHCI students standing in front of their Lantern poster at CHI.

    MHCI Team Takes Second Place in CHI Student Design Competition

    A team of students in the Masters of Human Computer Interaction program took second place last week in the 13th annual CHI Student Design ...

  • This is the CHI logo.

    CHI2015: Driven From Distraction in The Economist

    Work presented by HCII Director Anind Dey, Systems Scientist Seungjun Kim and Visiting Scholar Jaemin Chun at the Association for Computin...

  • Ogan, Harrison Win Post-Gazette 2014-15 Renovation Inspiration Contest

    Faculty members Chris Harrison and Amy Ogan may be known for their HCI research, but their home renovation skills are making local headlin...

  • A photo posted to Facebook with questions from a visually impaired user.

    CHI2015: Social Microvolunteering Uses Facebook to Do Good

    Photos of food. Check-ins at the gym. Political rants and memes prominently featuring cats. They fill up newsfeeds on social media, to the...

  • This image shows the prototype before and after crowd workers update it.

    CHI2015: Apparition Harnesses the Crowd To Create Real-Time Prototyping

    When designing anything — a new video game or the next-big-thing smartphone app — prototyping is key. It allows designers to quickly itera...

  • A doll made with Acoustruments technology responds when its stomach is poked.

    CHI Preview: Carnegie Mellon, Disney Researchers Develop Acoustically Driven Controls for Handheld Devices

    As people find ever more inventive uses for smartphones, touchscreens sometimes fall short as control surfaces.

  • A small red bunny printed using layers of fabric.

    CHI Preview: HCII Researchers Unveil 3D Fabric Printing Technique

    Mention 3D printing, and most people will conjure up images of rough plastic items with hard surfaces and sharp angles. Warm and fuzzy doe...

  • Jodi Forlizzi with deliver they keynote address at Persuasive Technology 2015.

    Forlizzi To Deliver Keynote at Persuasive Tech 2015

    HCII Professor Jodi Forlizzi will deliver the keynote address at Persuasive Technology 2015.

  • Jason Hong was quoted in a Post-Gazette article the privacy of apps.

    Hong Talks Privacy in Post-Gazette

    Associate Professor Jason Hong recently appeared in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article that discussed the often-surprising ways in which sm...

  • Scott Hudson

    SCS Rewards HCII Team for Research Excellence

    Tinker Toys line the shelves of HCII Professor Scott Hudson's office, joined by electronic gadgets and gizmos of all kinds. A few felt ted...

  • Hawking Introduces WorldKit on "Science of the Future"

    National Geographic Channel's "Stephen Hawking's Science of the Future" recently featured the HCII's WorldKit project in the episode "Perf...

  • DataSquid

    DataSquid Enters Into Partnership With Public Insight

    HCII startup DataSquid Inc has entered into a partnership with Public Insight, a benchmarking platform that maximizes the utility of publi...

  • Amy Shannon, Judy Oden Choi

    HCII Students Act Out in "Once Upon a Mattress"

    The HCII's Amy Shannon (left) tread the boards as Queen Aggravain and first-year Ph.D. student Judy Oden Choi (right) helped produce the s...

  • CHI2015

    HCII Researchers Earn "Best of CHI" Awards

    Carnegie Mellon's Human-Computer Interaction Institute earned a total of seven awards when the Association for Computing Machinery's (ACM)...