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MHCI Capstone

  • Team Treecko on presentation day wearing Hawaiian shirts

    Team Troutwood


    Designing Wealth: A financial planning service for college students...

  • Team South Fayette School District on presentation day

    Team South Fayette


    Play for People Skills, Preparing Students for the Innovation Driven Economy...

  • team members in their capstone room

    Team Flex Core


    A workout game and bot to help predict, prevent, and repair injuries through forming new, meaningful habits....

  • Team NASA on presentation day

    Team NASA


    Navigating the Future of Artemis Decision-Making...

  • Team Meta on presentation day

    Team Meta


    The Future of Knowledge Sharing: Leveraging LLMs to improve knowledge sharing among engineers in hyperscale data centers....

  • Team InterDigital 2023 in front of InterDigital logo

    Team InterDigital


    Speculative User Experience Design for the Ecology of the Advanced Metaverse:...

  • Team InQ on presentation day

    Team InQ


    Learn more:...

  • Team Cisco 2022-23 on presentation day

    Team Cisco


    A human take on enterprise security: Into the Cosmo-verse...

  • 5 students on the team after their spring presentation

    Team 99P Labs


    Opportunities for the Vehicle as Mobile Learning Environment and Productivity Center...

  • the 5 student team stands side by side, all wearing matching black pants, white shirts, black suspenders, and sunglasses

    Team Progressive


    Using Methods from Service Design and HCI to Acquire New Commercial Insurance Customers...

  • HCII logo in light grey

    Team Optum - Engagement


    Creating Wellness Routines and Employee Engagement in Wellness Programs...

  • group photo of the 3 students on the Wellness team on presentation day

    Team Optum - Wellness


    Compelling and Sustaining Adoption of Wellness & Prevention Programs within Employer Populations...