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  • Software designed by the HCII's LearnLab to improve math learning outcomes for marginalized K-12 students received a top award from the International E-Learning Association. (Photo courtesy of Remake Learning.)

    HCII Software Uses AI To Get Students To Do More Math


    Software designed by members of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute's (HCII) LearnLab to improve math learning outcomes for marginalized K-12 students received a top award from ...

  • HCII researchers have created a new genre of interactive, hands-on museum exhibits that includes an intelligent, virtual assistant to interact with visitors.

    Adding AI to Museum Exhibits Increases Learning, Keeps Kids Engaged Longer


    Hands-on exhibits are staples of science and children's museums around the world, and kids love them. The exhibits invite children to explore scientific concepts in fun and playful w...

  • teacher's view of 3 wide rows students and desks from the front of the classroom with the Class In Sight technology overlay



    While much of education research is focused on student performance, this research turns the focus to the development of the teacher....

  • Logo for Team Metals Prime

    BloomBoard Collaborate


    Metals Prime, a team of five masters students from Carnegie Mellon University partnered with BloomBoard to envision a product to support educa...

  • Transformative Live-Action Role-Playing


    Live-action role-playing (larp) combines face-to-face improvisation with game rules to create collaborative, playful narrative experiences for...

  • Technology-Enabled Role-Playing in Design


    College professors frequently use role-playing in class as a way to engage their students and enhance the learning experience. However, role-p...

  • Scaffolding Science Achievement in a Culturally Diverse Classroom


    In this project, we aim to address the systematically-reduced standardized test scores of African American students compared to their Euro-Ame...

  • Playtesting: Education and Practice


    Playtesting helps game designers evaluate not whether their games are useful and usable, but whether they are playful and playable. Strong pla...

  • Personal Informatics for Intercultural Competence


    Working and living internationally can be a rewarding but difficult experience. This project investigates how people gain intercultural compet...

  • Lowering Barriers to Access and Enhancing Play in MOOCs


    If Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) are the democratizing educational innovation that many claim them to be, then why do the largest propor...

  • IDEA: Evidence-Based Online Learning Courseware Engineering


    This research aims to improve student learning effectiveness, efficiency, and enjoyment in online courses (aka MOOCs) by using online learning...

  • ETAC: Educational Technology Across Cultures


    Educational technology has the potential to transform teaching and learning across the world. However, the design of globalized technologies f...