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Past Seminars

The HCII Seminar Series has been a weekly tradition at CMU since 1990. Details of our seminars from 2014 to present, as well as many of their recordings, are available below. A few years ago, we held a year of special programming in celebration of the seminar's 25th anniversary.

Date Title Speaker Talk title and Abstract
HCII Seminar Speaker: Leanne Bowler Leanne Bowler
Associate Professor, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
"Friendship, joy, cruelty, confusion…and sometimes, reflection and wisdom: Young peoples’ interactions with information and communications technologies" Digital forms of information are increasingly ubiquitous, unbound to a physical space and embedded within all manner of “smart” objects. From… Full Details
Dream Worlds: Imagining the Worlds of Walden and The Night Journey Tracy Fullerton
Associate Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts Chair, Univrsity of Southern California

In this presentation, Tracy will discuss the evolution of the designs for two experimental game worlds: The Night Journey and Walden, a game. The Night Journey is a collaboration with media artist Bill Viola which game takes place in a visually abstracted landscape… Full Details

HCII Seminar Series: Carl DiSalvo Carl DiSalvo
Associate Professor; School of Literature, Media, and Communication; Georgia Institue of Technology
Design Experiments in Speculative Civics Design is increasingly involved in our public lives, giving form to issues and working to enable new modes of participation. Usually this takes an instrumental approach in which the goal is to use design to provide solutions to pressing or perceived matters… Full Details
HCII Seminar Series: Neil Alexander co-sponsored by QoLT Neil Alexander
Making the Choice to “Live Like Lou” In this inspiring presentation, Neil Alexander uses his personal experience of being diagnosed with ALS, the fatal disease commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, to emphasize the real-life benefits that gratitude can provide. Using Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest… Full Details
HCII Seminar Series: Chad Jones Chad Jones
"Transforming Human Interaction with our World Through the Internet of Things" The next paradigm shift in the Internet will be ability to address, sense and control literally anything in the physical world. Described as The Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the… Full Details
HCII Seminar Series: Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck
Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan
"Supporting Parents Online" Almost 30 years after Howard Rheingold’s 1986 account of parenting support he received on the WELL, parents have now become one of the most active demographics of social media users. Though there has been extensive interest in digital youth, little research has focused… Full Details
HCII Seminar: A New Era of IBM Design Phil Gilbert
General Manager, IBM Design

Great brands are known, in part, for the design of their products and for understanding how design can fuel client loyalty and longstanding relationships. Think about what makes you choose a product: it's not just about what it does, it's about the experience you have when using it; that is what… Full Details

HCII Seminar: Baking Data Into Design: User Experience at Google Laura Granka
Head of UX Research, Google+

The User Experience discipline has made great strides in recent years, especially towards tablet and mobile experiences. Understanding mobile device use is… Full Details

HCII Seminar - Ryan Brotman

HCII Seminar - Eytan Adar

HCII Seminar - Yu-ru Lin

HCII Seminar - Shaun Kane

HCII Seminar Series - Bill Thies

HCII Seminar Series - David Shamma

HCII Seminar Series - Guy Hoffman

Please note special starting time of 3pm.