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Anna Fang

Human-Computer Interaction Institute

Anna Fang


Haiyi Zhu

Hi, I'm Anna! I am a computational social science researcher, primarily interested in online communities. Before starting my PhD, I received a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2019 and worked as a full-time software engineer. Outside of research, I enjoy art (drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry-making), reading, fostering animals, and being in nature! You may also see my friendly greyhound Milo with me around the CMU campus too!

Research Interests

My research is in computational social science at the intersection of online social networks and well-being. I study how the mechanisms and structures of online communities can enable both personal well-being (e.g. mental health) and community well-being (e.g. productive discourse). I am predominantly interested in proactive approaches — those that are self-sustaining, self-correcting, and promote positive behaviors — rather than effortful handling of harmful behaviors after they have occurred. My work primarily uses methods within network science, artificial intelligence, and social science.