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Computational Creativity

  • Soundify assists users in matching sound effects (in bold) and ambients (in italics) to video, and helps dynamically adjust panning and volume by localizing "sound emitters".



    In the art of video editing, sound is really half the story. Through formative interviews with professional editors (N=10), we found that the manual task ...

  • screenshot of the Jigsaw prototyping system

    Jigsaw: Supporting Designers to Prototype Multimodal Applications by Assembling AI Foundation Models


    Recent advancements in AI foundation models have made it possible for them to be utilized off-the-shelf for creative tasks, including ideating design conc...

  • Falling Walls logo, 3 pieces of grey stone wall falling backwards

    Yao’s Seed Carrier Shortlisted for Science Breakthrough of the Year Award


    Lining Yao, the Cooper-Siegel associate professor in the School of Computer Science's Human-Computer Interaction Institute, and her E-seed research project are among the top 10 finalists f...

  • Researchers in CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute engineered a biodegradable seed carrier, fashioned from wood veneer, that could enable aerial seeding of difficult-to-access areas.

    Engineered Magic: Wooden Seed Carriers Mimic the Behavior of Self-Burying Seeds


    How seeds implant themselves in soil can seem magical. Take some varieties of Erodium, whose five-petalled flowers of purple, pink or white look like geraniums....

  • color icons representing the design of interactive training interfaces, models, and organizations

    Studying and designing for human-AI collaborative work in real-world contexts


    Across a range of real-world contexts, we are studying how AI is currently being designed and used to augment or transform worker practices. Moving beyond...

  • close up of the ReCompFig kinematic display



    From creating input devices to rendering tangible information, the field of HCI is interested in using kinematic mechanisms to create human-computer inter...

  • Lining Yao

    The Shape of Pasta: HCII Assistant Professor Morphs Matter


    Lining Yao came of age in a small village in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Like most families in her town, she didn't have a computer. She didn't even have a television. On t...