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A group of HCII students sought to recreate the feeling of in-person thanks that can get lost in remote work environments through Co-Orb, a spherical desk lamp that lights up when a user receives a nice message via platforms like Slack or Teams.

HCII Students Seek To Increase Workplace Gratitude With Co-Orb

Thanking co-workers through Slack or Teams is a nice gesture, but it doesn't measure up to saying it to them in person. But remote work ha...

CMU's Livehoods project, which redefined how people looked at location data and at their cities and neighborhoods, recently earned the Test of Time Award from the International Conference on Web and Social Media.

CMU's Livehoods Project Honored for Contributions to Understanding Cities

Location data is collected everywhere. Social media posts, Bluetooth or WiFi connections, ATM or credit card transactions, and many more a...

Roberta Klatzky, the Charles J. Queenan Jr. Professor of Psychology and a faculty member in the HCII, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Klatzky Elected Into National Academy of Sciences

Roberta Klatzky — an expert in cognition whose research examines the relationships between human perception and action — has been elected ...

Nadia Susanto

SCS Seniors Shine as Scholar Athletes

Nadia Susanto and Michael OBroin will both earn degrees from the School of Computer Science during Carnegie Mellon University's upcoming C...

TouchPose calculates hand postures based on the geometry of finger touch points on smartphone and tablet touchscreens.

TouchPose Technology Senses What Touchscreens Can't Feel

Current touchscreens and trackpads miss a lot of information.

CMU researchers have exploited the sensitivity of the lips to devise a practical new way for people to receive tactile feedback in virtual worlds.

Over the Lips, Through the Gums, Look Out Gamers, Here It Comes — Or So It Seems

Lips are famously sensual but, together with the gums and tongue, they are also surprisingly sensitive, second only to the fingertips in n...

CyLab researchers will present two papers at CHI 2022 that examine Apple's privacy nutrition labels.

CyLab Researchers Investigate Apple's Privacy Labels

CyLab researchers will present two papers at the upcoming ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems that examine Apple's pr...