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  • a full image of a parrot above 8 small squares, each containing a small portion of image. Text reads "Select 4 of the most representative visualizations of the parrot for hints"

    Eye into AI


    Recent developments in explainable AI (XAI) aim to improve the transparency of black-box models. How...

  • screenshot of the choose sound categories, checkbox lists of different sound options



    The Polyphonic project explores collecting real-world data by piggybacking on game streaming communities such as Twitch, which capture over a ...

  • Demonstration of VizLens app



    VizLens: A Robust and Interactive Screen Reader for Interfaces in the Real World The world is full of physical interfaces that are inaccessib...

  • Knowledge Accelerator illustration

    The Knowledge Accelerator


    Researchers from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute are working on a system they call Knowledge Accelerator. A system that uses a machin...

  • Social Ideation Systems


    This project investigates how social computing systems can optimize real-time creative collaboration, whether in teams or with crowds. We are ...

  • Interpreting Behavior With Crowds


    Social science research often relies on coding of video or other data for subjective events. This can be very time consuming and labor intensi...

  • Combining Small Groups and Large Scale Collaboration


    This research investigates the way that teams and communities collaborate online, with two aims: to develop new technologies to enhance collab...