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  • Ahuja and Pareddy

    Ahuja and Pareddy are Finalists in Collegiate Inventors Competition


  • Megan Hofmann

    Five SCS Students Named Siebel Scholars


  • Haojian Jin

    Jin Receives 2020 UbiComp Outstanding Student Award

      Haojian Jin, fifth year PhD student, received the Gaetano Borriello Outstanding Student Award on Thursday, September 17, 202...

  • Jessica Hammer

    Hammer Receives Global Women in Games Hall of Fame Award

    Jessica Hammer, Thomas and Lydia Moran Assistant Professor of Learning Science, was named to the Global Women in Games Hall of Fame ...

  •  man in a green shirt standing beside DJ bot, which sits on top of a dresser in his home

    More than Human-Centred Design: CMU at DIS 2020

    Like many other conferences this year, the 2020 ACM Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) was held virtually in July. Th...

  • a capture of the computer screen dashboard during the game's tutorial

    Live-Streamed Game Collects Sounds To Help Train Home-Based Artificial Intelligence

    From yawning to closing the fridge door, a lot of sounds occur within the home. Such sounds could be useful for home-based artific...

  • screenshot from the computer game Persuasion Invasion

    Video Game Teaches Productive Civil Discourse and Overcoming Tribalism

      How can students learn to make their civil discourse more productive? One Carnegie Mellon University researcher proposes an...

  • 3 side by side drawings of a bookshelf, where the IoT devices are circled

    Shedding Light (and Sound) on Hidden IoT Devices in Your Next Hotel Room


  • Amazon Research Award logo on navy blue background

    Hong Receives 2019 Amazon Research Award

      Professor Jason Hong was awarded a 2019 Amazon Research Award in support of the project "Designing Alternative Representatio...

  • over McGee's shoulder, picturephone and typewriter on table. Harrison speaks via picturephone

    Fifty Years Into "Picturephones," CMU Revamps Original Machine With Modern Twist

      "Some people in Pittsburgh are seeing voices."

  • 6 capstone teammates sit on floor below a large affinity diagram on the infamous 'MHCI green wall'

    Zazzle Uses MHCI Capstone Ideas To Create New Products

    Wuyang Wang knew she got lucky last year.

  • a hand holds a smartphone

    Perception of Privacy-Utility Tradeoffs in Contact-Tracing Apps Key to Widespread Adoption

    CMU Researchers Find Users Prefer Centralized System Contact-tracing could help curb the spread of COVID-19. While the process can...

  • Hirokazu Shirado stands in hallway between Gates and NSH buildings

    Study Questions Benefits of Social Networks to Disaster Response

      Communication Within Groups Not as Helpful as Anticipated Faced with a common peril, people delay making decisions that m...

  • 4 images: 3D printed mask, a chart, illustration of student high fiveing teacher & US map counties

    HCII Responds to the Pandemic

    As stay-at-home orders swept across the country during the Covid-19 pandemic, our researchers answered the call to help others. Whe...

  • a heart covered in the self-hearling polymer has been sliced in half

    Self-Healing Devices Gain or Regain Function After Being Cut

    A "smart" polymer cast that automatically seals itself around a broken arm, a membrane that can sense where it has been cut, and pn...

  • Carnegie Mellon Launches New Undergraduate Degree in Human-Computer Interaction

    HCI Major Addresses Growing Demand for Expertise in Technology and Design

  • screenshot of the multi step process of building the tutoring system

    New AI Enables Teachers To Rapidly Develop Intelligent Tutoring Systems

    Intelligent tutoring systems have been shown to be effective in helping to teach certain subjects, such as algebra or grammar, but ...

  • A person sitting at table eating bite of food. There is a small sensor on the side of their glasses

    FitByte Uses Sensors on Eyeglasses To Automatically Monitor Diet

    CMU Researchers Propose Multimodal System To Track Foods, Liquid Intake Food plays a big role in our health, and for that reason m...

  • student wearing VR headset on face touches the face of a lion statue while wires connect fingers to the Wireality device on her shoulder

    New Device Simulates Feel of Walls, Solid Objects in Virtual Reality

    Strings Attached to Hand, Fingers Create More Realistic Haptic Feedback Today's virtual reality systems can create immersive visua...

  • HCII logo and CHI 2020 logo with Hawaiian flower side by side

    HCII Research Accepted to CHI 2020

      The international ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (also known as CHI) was scheduled to take place t...