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  • Wikibench illustration of a bench made up of the 8 puzzle pieces from the wiki logo



    AI tools are increasingly deployed in community contexts. However, datasets used to evaluate AI are typically created by developers and annota...

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    What Makes Digital Support Effective?


    Online mental health support communities have grown in recent years for providing accessible mental and emotional health support through volun...

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    Shaping Online Dialogue


    Community rules play a key part in enabling or constraining the behaviors of members in online communities. However, little is unknown regardi...

  • illustration with many headlines from various online news sources

    Measuring the stigmatizing effects of a highly publicized event on online mental health discourse


    Media coverage has historically played an influential and often stigmatizing role in the public’s understanding of mental illness through harm...

  • matching for peer support - an illustration of 7 different silhouette images with dashed lines to visualize potential interconnectedness

    Matching for Peer Support


    Online mental health communities (OMHCs) have emerged in recent years as an effective and accessible way to obtain peer support, filling cruci...

  • A new study from researchers in the HCII and at Cornell University shows that robots that hoard resources can still improve the overall welfare of human groups. (Image created by Pixlr, a generative AI program.)

    Less Is More: 'Stingy' Bots That Hoard Resources Can Still Boost Human Relationships


    A recent study from Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University researchers unveiled how artificial intelligence impacts human welfare in social networks. ...

  • To ease the friction caused by reduced in-person interaction, a team of HCII researchers created a Slack application called Nooks that helps initiate casual conversations and create affinity groups in an online workspace.

    Reviving Office Chatter


    Researchers Design Tool to Enhance Workplace Socialization in Remote, Hybrid Arrangements About one-third of our lives are spent at work, and the relationships we build there can ha...

  • HCII Professor Robert Kraut and his co-authors earned the CSCW's most recent Lasting Impact Award for their 1988 paper, "Patterns of Contact and Communication in Scientific Research Collaboration."

    Kraut Earns Lasting Impact Award for Paper on Proximity's Role in Collaboration


    Zoom, Slack and Google Docs may be ubiquitous in today's workplace, but that wasn't the case 35 years ago. Yet many of the technologies underpinning the tools that allow us to work r...

  • Skeema logo, 3 overlapping dots



    Skeema is a new way to manage your tabs that helps to declutter your browser and your mind. ...

  • 3 people participating in a workshop for gig workers and policymakers

    Empowering and Enhancing Workers Through Building A Community-Centered Gig Economy


    The gig economy is characterized by short-term contract work performed by independent workers who are paid in return for the "gigs" they perfo...

  • 12 cards of various solid colors lay slightly overlapping on a black background

    Incorporating and Balancing Stakeholder Values in Algorithm Design


    This project will create a general method for value-sensitive algorithm design and develop tools and techniques to help incorporate the tacit ...

  • A blue bar chart of the 15 most shared accounts, and percent of people sharing them

    Account sharing sheds light on social cybersecurity


    Visit the original blog post on the Center for Informed Democracy & Social - cybersecurity (IDeaS) website....