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side by side headshots of Zhu and Chouldechova

Chouldechova and Zhu Awarded Research Grant on Fairness in Artificial Intelligence

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Amazon have announced that two Carnegie Mellon University researchers have been awarded a resear...

collage of the 12 new AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows for 2020

Rose, Zimmerman Named AAAS Leshner Public Engagement Fellows

  The 2020-21 Fellows are ready to discuss how AI affects our work, decision-making and well-being The American Association for the...

Greg Bunyea

METALS Alumnus to Lead Team in Rural Panama

Carnegie Mellon University learning engineers are heading to rural Panama to help teachers improve student outcomes in science, technology...

Sharing accounts in the workplace is a mess

Last year, a team of CyLab researchers explored the account-sharing behaviors of romantic couples and found that some of their practices c...

graphic with multicolored stick figures on a black background, representative of an actual classroom of students at their desks

EduSense: Like a Fitbit for Your Teaching Skills

While training and feedback opportunities abound for K-12 educators, the same can't be said for instructors in higher education. Currently...

Sven Mayer looks inside an Enigma machine

Inside the Enigma Machine

Researchers had a rare opportunity to peek "under the hood" of the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries' two Enigma machines, opening the ...

example of meme with text overlay - toddler clenches fist in front of a smug face

New Technology Makes Internet Memes Accessible for People With Visual Impairments

CMU Researchers Develop System to Identify and Translate Memes People with visual impairments use social media like everyone else, oft...

students stack a pile of boxes in the arms of a teammate to illustate the burden of being a caregiver during a capstone presentation

Inviting Clients for 2020 HCI Capstone Projects

The Human-Computer Interaction Institute is currently seeking client sponsors for spring semester 2020 projects.

faculty advisor and student at poster session

HCII Seeks Applicants for 2020 Summer Research Program

Carnegie Mellon's Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Human-Computer Interaction program is an opportunity for undergraduate studen...

guests watch the HCII retrospective video inside the Warhol auditorium

Retrospective video debuts at HCII 25th anniversary party

In 1994, a group of Carnegie Mellon University faculty members created an interdisciplinary, collaborative institute (that's us!) to integ...