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Faculty Projects

  • VR scene with some brightly colored underwater plants, text in the center reads "Echo of the Abyss"

    Echo of the Abyss

    Echo of the Abyss is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience that uses animal guides and immersive environments to cultivate a sense of kinship towards marine l...

  • screenshot of the Jigsaw prototyping system

    Jigsaw: Supporting Designers to Prototype Multimodal Applications by Assembling AI Foundation Models

    Recent advancements in AI foundation models have made it possible for them to be utilized off-the-shelf for creative tasks, including ideating design conc...

  • Wikibench illustration of a bench made up of the 8 puzzle pieces from the wiki logo


    AI tools are increasingly deployed in community contexts. However, datasets used to evaluate AI are typically created by developers and annotators outside...

  • hcii logo watermark

    What Makes Digital Support Effective?

    Online mental health support communities have grown in recent years for providing accessible mental and emotional health support through volunteer counsel...

  • hcii-logo-watermark

    Shaping Online Dialogue

    Community rules play a key part in enabling or constraining the behaviors of members in online communities. However, little is unknown regarding whether a...

  • Soundify assists users in matching sound effects (in bold) and ambients (in italics) to video, and helps dynamically adjust panning and volume by localizing "sound emitters".


    In the art of video editing, sound is really half the story. Through formative interviews with professional editors (N=10), we found that the manual task ...

  • a full image of a parrot above 8 small squares, each containing a small portion of image. Text reads "Select 4 of the most representative visualizations of the parrot for hints"

    Eye into AI

    Recent developments in explainable AI (XAI) aim to improve the transparency of black-box models. However, empirically ...

  • We built a visualization dashboard called Rx RiskMap that communicates and explains the results of a model to predict overdose risk across the state of Pennsylvania. The data shown is outdated and depicted for demonstration purposes only.

    Predicting and Visualizing Overdose Risk for Public Health

    Overdose due to opioid misuse and abuse is currently a critical public health issue in the United States and worldwide. Machine learning (ML) approaches h...

  • Scenario of a user working with the RealityReplay system with side by side views of the environment with and without RealityReplay


    Humans easily miss events in their surroundings due to limited short-term memory and field of view. This happens, for example, while watching an instructo...

  • Data Navigator provides visualization toolkits with rich, accessible navigation structures, robust input handling, and flexible, semantic rendering.

    Data Navigator

    Data Navigator is a JavaScript library that allows for navigation of data structures. Data Navigator makes png, svg, canvas, and even webgl graphics acces...

  • screenshot of the Android Network Traces website with a table of tracing info about Meta apps

    Android Network Traces

    Smartphone apps collect and send a great deal of data about us to third-party websites, but what are they collecting and where are they sending it?...

  • matching for peer support - an illustration of 7 different silhouette images with dashed lines to visualize potential interconnectedness

    Matching for Peer Support

    Online mental health communities (OMHCs) have emerged in recent years as an effective and accessible way to obtain peer support, filling crucial gaps of t...

  • A before and after that shows a data visualization's screen reader semantics have been improved.


    Chartability is a set of heuristics (testable questions) for ensuring that data visualizations, systems, and interfaces are accessible. Chartability is or...

  • A grid of six images showing different VR environments (street, museum, supermarket) and different types of navigation instructions (arrows on ground, avatar, call outs).

    User Preference for Navigation Instructions in Mixed Reality

    Current solutions for providing navigation instructions to users who are walking are mostly limited to 2D maps on smartphones and voice-based instructions...

  • close up of the ReCompFig kinematic display


    From creating input devices to rendering tangible information, the field of HCI is interested in using kinematic mechanisms to create human-computer inter...

  • UML-style workflow diagram of system. A Mixed Reality layout is generated by users, and an automatic system the adapts its positioning.


    We present an optimization-based approach that automatically adapts Mixed Reality (MR) interfaces to different physical environments. Current MR layouts, ...

  • screenshot of the choose sound categories, checkbox lists of different sound options


    The Polyphonic project explores collecting real-world data by piggybacking on game streaming communities such as Twitch, which capture over a trillion min...

  • HCII logo, grey watermark

    Games and Climate

    How can games help address the challenge of climate change? Through research and design, we are exploring ways that games can motivate collective action, ...

  • splash screen for Bloomwood Stories: Block Party

    Bloomwood Stories

    Bloomwood Stories: Block Party is a visual novel that aims to increase players' health self-efficacy and connect them to health resources at their local l...

  • Project

    Social Cybersecurity

    Our research into the human factors of cybersecurity focuses on people as social actors whose security behaviors are influenced by their relationships, co...